Is beer vegan ?


(let’s make it an even bigger deal)

YES !!!!!

Here’s what you need to know if you’re a fan of Belgian brews like myself.

1°) All InBev products are garanteed animal-free. This means Jupiler, Stella Artois, Leffe, Hoegaarden and many more are OK to drink. Celebrate !

(sometimes the brew special honey beer, these are the only exceptions to look for if you yourself don’t eat honey).

2°) Most Belgian beers are vegan. We don’t use shitty bone-char filters and other insane processes. We’re all about the real deal, just water, yeast,  barley malt, hops ans some cereal.  Celebrate again !

3°) Generally speaking, you are safer drinking a Belgian or a German beer. There are strict rules that define what can an can not be found in beer, and these rules are very specific in Belgium. This prevents animal products from being randomly added. And there again, celebrate a country with strict regulations about its national drink !


In One Person by John Irving

If you automatically assumed this was a woman on the cover, this book is for you.
If you automatically assumed this was a woman on the cover, this book is for you.

What do you call a young boy attracted to other boys, but equally so to older ladies, transsexuals and drag queens?

It doesn’t fucking matter.

What matter is the sweetness of the attraction the main character feels for others. It’s all about relationships, in a way you never thought about them. This book is extremely uncomfortable, and yet you fall in love with it without even realizing it, and that’s the whole beauty of Irving’s characters. This book itself is trans-genre

You sexy thing !
You sexy thing !

[Speaking of Irving. Look at that face ! Hot damn !]

> My favorite character ? Bill’s bestie Elaine. She’s a magnificently brilliant bitch.

> One sentence to give you a taste ?

“I wanted to look like a gay boy–or enough like one to make other gay boys, and men, look twice at me. But I wanted the girls and women to wonder about me–to make them look twice at me, too. I wanted to retain something provocatively masculine in my appearance.”

Vegan in Belgium, a rewarding challenge to tackle as a community